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   Friday, October 25, 2002  
Well its seems I end the half term on a high note, had a visit from a student who completed in July this year and tells me that he has managed to get a place his first choice of Uni, that makes me feel good to. He also tells me that other members of the group, some who were not intending going on to Uni have in fact taken the decision to do so and are making out fine and would like to pass back their thanks for a good course, I feel even better; from a rough estimate that makes around two thirds of my completing year making it to a Uni course, enough to make you stop moaning and feel smug satisfaction.
   posted by James at 11:49 AM

   Thursday, October 24, 2002  
The return to College this morning following the end of day bombshell yesterday has it seems proved one thing at least and that is that lecturers can be just a vindictive as the rest of the population, we mostly seem to have handed out assignments for the students to be completed and handed in upon return to college aftef half term in a weeks time, bet your'e surprised to hear that eh!
   posted by James at 2:36 PM

   Wednesday, October 23, 2002  
Ready for muse two of the day? Here we all are waiting for, no, no needing a half term break and what do the old SMT announce at 5 just as we leave, all staff are required during the half term break on Wednesday and Thursday for staff training, why? Because early in the New Year we are to be inspected by Ofsted. More to follow stay tuned. Right now I am off to the watering hole, if I can find one within a radius of 1 mile that isn’t full of dejected, exasperated and bewildered lecturers and that includes those who run courses in counselling; yes I did say miles earlier, that’s another thing I shall be musing about soon.
   posted by James at 11:52 AM  
No no no, this just cannot be happening, the new college discipline procedures hot from old PMT of the SMT. Clearly paranoiac about contravening some obscure clause in the Equal Opportunities bill or Human Rights legislation and I wouldn’t be surprised to find the RSPCA’s regulations on cruelty to dumb animals as well, because now even if you prove a student is socially and mentally, you cannot get rid of them, Instead they bounce around the new appeals procedures until the end of the course and then, Oh well give them a pass and let them go, but they don’t, instead, armed with their pass they return for another course to terrify us again. Gone are the days when having identified a troublesome individual you simply saunter over to their desk pick up their mobile phone to which they are umbilically connected and proceed to walk out of the door with it, they just like an email attachment follow you, where upon you present them with a form that they must sign, because if they take it quickly to the UBO, then they will find they have been specially selected for a highly salaried career that involves no maths, writing or reading but does include a company BMW, penthouse and tickets to every M & M concert for the next five years. Of course what they have really signed is a withdrawal form, but do students ever read anything, no thank god and it worked every time, passed tense alas
   posted by James at 8:08 AM

   Tuesday, October 22, 2002  
Had a good day today, my web design group after an initial introduction sat and worked through several examples of tables and then went on to customise fonts, colors and backgrounds for an exercise. Have worked hard at differentiation with this lot but find they tend to differentiate themselves, with the brighter more able students thirsting for more and roaring ahead, until they feel the need for a net fix that is, while the less able despite overtures of encouragement and lashings of attention seem happy to achieve so much and trail off into conversation with me or someone. Actually got a thank you for a good class at the end and not from a high flyer either, I often feel many get on despite me, still another day tomorrow
   posted by James at 12:16 PM  
Well its that time of the academic year again and the first half term is almost over. All those enthusiastic, motivated, ambitious students that you interviewed (with their parents) are beginning to show there true ambitions and your college Internet link is beginning to show all the usual signs of fatigue as a result; I move we withdraw the students and replace them with the parents.
   posted by James at 5:04 AM

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