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   Friday, November 01, 2002  
Hi to anyone who’s reading right now, well today another nail arrives in the coffin of optimism. It appears that when Ofsted inspect they award from grade 1 good to grade what happened, But get this grade 1 is very rare! You mean that good colleges are rare no we mean grade 1 is rare, it’s not the same thing!!!! Is grade 1 set to high then? No its just unlikely that anybody will get a grade 1, so is it set to high then? No its just unlikely that anybody will get a grade 1; OK lets stop now, there’s a term for this type of discussion but I just cant spell it, not dyslexic you understand just cant spell it. Does also this remind you of the inverse like no body fails an A level?
More to come stay with it.
   posted by James at 3:11 PM

   Thursday, October 31, 2002  
Hello again, well the holiday training is over, but then so is my carefully crafted, honed and practised sense of optimism, why Well it may have something to do with the fact that our inspection (Ofsted) is 3 months off, I mean hardly going tom be a shock is it, O no look Ofsted have turned up what are we going to do, or is it that given such a protracted warning they think we may forget they are coming. Surely if you wish to make a realistic inspection you turn up on the day, like those food hygiene lot. Then we are told and by the inspectors no less that inspection time is not the time to complain, say that again, inspection time is not the time to complain. So when do we complain, no answer. You know us lecturers may not be the sharpest chisels in the toolbox but we are not the bluntest either. There does seem to be an emerging consensus that Ofsted are merely there to under-right the governments education policy proving everything is just fine, yer right mate.
   posted by James at 12:58 PM

   Tuesday, October 29, 2002  
Well that’s the first day in staff training over and what would have been the first day of my half term had all things been equal. How did it go? Well it seems I have got it all wrong with college education, because the courses we have been funded for and running all this time, the products of which have gone on to populate industry and university cannot now possibly continue with this success without the timely intervention of both key skills and basic skills! But our students only qualify for a course once they can prove they have the right credentials; GCSE grades, more of this later as well. No, no we are told what your students really want is literacy, numeracy and IT at level what ever, that’s what the future employer will look for. Right. And why is it that as soon as you are seated in front of some bod , who proceeds to tell you how experienced they are in teaching, they immediately go on to prove how absolutely hopeless they really are at the game - talking without a break for what seems like hours, in mono-tones, repeating themselves, no visuals, no feedback, no interaction. At least that’s how it was for the first fifteen minutes, I do not actually recall the rest as I like so many others present fell fast asleep. Still another day tomorrow, do stay tuned.
   posted by James at 3:01 PM

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