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   Wednesday, November 13, 2002  
More goodies from the inside. So the government want the masses to attend university, fine very commendable, but who is going to pay for it, well we can withdraw student funding and students can: old news, come on. Well for a start all full time; 15 hours per week that is. Courses are free now to school leavers, so they can complete their course and go on to university, where they can go for student loans etc. But now there are so many doing this that the long term repayment prospects of those loans is looking very dim, given that the chances of employment in growth industries, like new technologies i.e. computing is dropping like a lead balloon; surely not, well check www.jobstats.com. How is the government going to get the tax payers money back? I know stop so many students going to university, but we want as many students as possible to go to university, well actually that’s another department. So the solution, reduce the content of courses offered by colleges that would normally get students to university i.e. take out level 3 maths, for a technology course worth its salt, that’s a prerequisite, should work a treat given the failure of schools to deliver a realistic maths education, which is why we are surrounded by key skills. So students will have to take further courses before they can get to university. Net result very few go on to take that extra maths, so do not make it to uni. So students with any actual potential become councillors for the rest who probably end up flipping hamburgers. Now do stay tuned, I shall be having words about this with a higher authority and will deliver their response word for word.
   posted by James at 4:12 PM

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