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   Wednesday, July 16, 2003  
Plagiarism, actually I couldn’t spell that so had to copy it from a web page, ouch!!!! So universities like Essex are finding 25% increase this year. Special software is available that can check student scripts for similarities or scan the net for a likely sources, why is this happening? What’s going on? Who’s to blame? Among the popular emerging views is that its related to the high increase of foreign students on courses who quit frankly see education as more of a detective game, or that with top up fees students have to work so hard that they have little time for study. But I thought students always worked in their spare time, behind bars, in shops, flipping burgers, the proceeds of which as I recall were spent on booze and birds, I have no problem with that. And anyway what about that valiant band of graduates who gained their degrees from the OU, students in full time employment, usually with families and mortgages who bare the full cost of courses. For me it’s the result of the inevitable here, if we are going to reduce the standards in order to gain more entrants to universities so that the government figures look good, then isn’t it obvious that many students will not be able to cope with the demand, or am I just a cynical old git who belongs to some time prior to the Jurassic-cretaceous boundary, some how I am beginning to hope so.
   posted by James at 12:33 PM

   Sunday, July 13, 2003  
New plans for old

Hello lecturers everywhere and please accept my apologies for such a protracted absence, but please do not tell my parents after all I am over 18 even though I may not act it, and according to the press will likely have been able to vote for a two whole years by now if new proposals get through!!!!! Have you read that one yet? Well part of my long period of quite has been due to lesson plans and schemes of work, but surely we all have those? Yes of course, but not in the format that the college would like. Format, surely teaching is an individual thing, like the lesson plan itself, well yes but old PMT of the SMT does not, ever has or will ever teach and neither have her dogs of war, so of course there has to be a format. The problem has been that the format is now in its third incarnation in a year and when I say that, I do not mean its been an evolutionary process, each one has been like a creature from a completely different galaxy, I was going to say universe but thought that would be over the top.
   posted by James at 11:03 AM

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